Top 10 signs that you need Computer Repair Service

Last Updated: November 3, 2020

Whether it’s your home computer or your office computer, this article covers all the signs/warnings that will help you figure out if you need computer repair service and tech support.

Not all home or office computers give warning signals in advance before crashing or breaking down, but there are different ways you can find that your computer requires a quality repair service.

Is your laptop or PC giving error messages and warning signs, programs are loading slower than usual, or your computer is shutting down unexpectedly?

No matter how much you take care of your laptop/PC, sooner or later, problems will arise. Once you figure out the problem, you should fix it as soon as possible to prevent further serious issues. 

Here are the top 10 signs that your computer needs repair:

  1. Your computer is not turning ON
  2. Your computer programs are running slower than it usually does
  3. Your computer is running hot quite often (Overheating)
  4. You are getting Dead Blue Screens 
  5. Your computer’s fan is noisy
  6. Accessories are not working
  7. Your computer shuts down all of a sudden
  8. You are getting too many Pop-Up Ads on your computer screen
  9. The display screen is broken or cracked
  10. Your computer is infected with virus or malware

If you are not a tech-savvy person, you will require computer repair tech support.

01. Your computer is not turning ON

If your computer is not turning ON at all, this is the most obvious sign/warning that you should take it to a reliable computer repair service provider. 

If you are using a laptop, make sure that you check your laptop’s charge before taking it for repair.

computer not turning ON

02. Your computer programs are running slower than it usually does

Does it feel like your computer is becoming slower and interrupting your normal workflow? Some common reasons for this can be a virus blocking your attempts, overheating, failing hard drive, etc can cause a great slow down. 

You should have noticed it while booting up or during the startup of a program. You can also get this computer problem when some newly installed software is incompatible with your existing hardware components. 

03. Your computer is running hot quite often (Overheating)

Overheating is a really common problem with most computers. They are both the warning and the major cause of the damage. Almost every computer has an inbuilt cooling system. But when the cooling vents are clogged with dust particles, it causes the device to overheat.

computer overheating

04. You get Dead Blue Screens 

There are hundreds of causes when you can get the “blue screen of death”, but they all have one thing in common. They’re all the warnings of some kind of serious computer issue that will rarely get better on its own. If you get any issues like this, it’s time to get help from a professional computer repair technician.

05. Your computer’s making strange noises

As a computer uses, you will know by now which sound from your device is normal and which one is an indication of a serious issue. A computer has many moving parts when the cooling fans get to wear down and start producing weird noise. 

Computer parts are designed to work in harmony. A small problem in one component can lead to several issues if left unchecked.

strange computer noise

06. Accessories are not working

If other computer accessories are not working as expected, there might be some problem with the connection port. This type of physical problem requires replacement of the parts. 

Your computer’s peripheral devices might not be working due to software problems, virus, or any malicious threat. In both cases, it is best to consult a computer tech support.

07. Your computer shuts down all of a sudden

If you are experiencing any kind of crashing, freezing, or restarting of the computer without your command, it’s a sign that there is some problem with your computer. 

The problem can be related to both hardware and software, but the good news is that it can be fixed. So if you are having these kinds of problems with your computer quite often, it’s time to seek professional computer repair help.

08. You are getting too many Pop-Up Ads on your computer screen

If your computer screen is flooded with unwanted Pop-Up ads, there is a very high possibility that your computer is infected with a virus or malware. 

You can fix this issue on your own by installing anti-virus software and a little bit of work. If you have got no idea of where to start and what to do, it’s best to go with a computer repair service provider or contact your Managed IT service provider.

too many pop up ads on computer screen

09. Display screen is broken or cracked

This is one of the most serious problems that are very difficult for end-users to fix. Laptop screen repair is a complex process and requires one to open up the device using specialized tools and replace the screen. So it is best to leave this work to the professionals. 

10. You computer is attacked by virus or malware

This is one of the most common issues that almost every computer user faces once in their life. A virus or a malicious program can slow down your computer, affect the overall performance of your computer. 

Installing antivirus software can prevent your computer from getting infected with a virus, and can also remove the existing virus from the device. Always make sure that your antivirus software is updated, at least weekly.

office computer infected with virus or malware

How to prepare for Computer repair services?

Here are the quick steps you can follow to prepare your computer for Repair services:

  1. Do a full data backup of your computer
  2. Select a reliable computer repair service provider
  3. Keep track of your software keys
  4. Make your device easy to access so that technicians can easily access your laptop for repair.
  5. Take detailed notes on the computer problems you are facing. This will help the technician to diagnose the root issues quickly. 

Your computer is now ready to be handed over to a computer repair technician.

When should you replace your computer?

First of all, is your computer still under warranty? If it’s not, access the total cost to do the full computer repair. Even after the repair, will you be able to run the latest software/OS versions? If the repair cost will be too expensive or the repair will degrade the performance, you should consider getting a new computer.

To learn more, you can refer to this article by ktconnection.

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