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Are you looking for high-quality Video Surveillance services in San Deigo County to help protect your businesses against shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism, and other security threats?

Fridell Solutions offers complete CCTV video surveillance packages for businesses in a variety of applications: from a single-camera system to a complex multicamera including cloud-based and mobile applications. Our team will first access the requirement to determine the correct design based on location, lighting, and surveillance needs. We then install the Video Surveillance system and ensure that it will work in the long run.

Our Video Surveillance Services in San Diego Include:

Complete site survey

One of our experienced team members will come to your location to survey the building first hand to understand your particular needs.

Professional installation

Through on-going training on new equipment and techniques, we make sure our technicians are prepared to provide you with the best quality installation available in the industry.


Indoor, outdoor, day and night commercial-grade camera equipment, public and personal view monitors, and cloud-based storage for continuous recording.

Technical support

Our technical support team provides you with the highest quality maintenance, support and repair of your system in a timely, efficient manner.

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