Looking for a Managed Service Provider in San Diego? Here’s how to choose the best one

Things to know while partnering with a IT Managed Service Provider

Last Updated: October 1, 2020

Are you a small/mid-size business owner looking to partner with an IT managed Service provider in San Diego? Partnering with the right MSP is really important if you want to reduce the costs of your IT operations, and improve the overall efficiency of your employees. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the best Managed Service provider without breaking your bank.

As small businesses grow and are in the phase of scaling, they consider hiring more IT consultants or partnering with an IT Managed service provider. So choosing the right IT company for your business needs must be done very carefully. Here are 5 crucial tips to follow while partnering with a Managed Service Provider:

01. Lookout for business-specific experience

When it comes to partnering with a Managed IT service provider, the first thing you should look out for is their experience. Have they served similar industries and businesses? Do they understand your business needs? Can they fulfill your IT requirements without any hidden costs?

So having an experienced and professional MSP to look after your IT infrastructure and network with help your focus on your business growth and scaling. It will give you extra peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about the proper execution of your IT operations.

02. Are they available for On-Site support?

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing the right MSP. Do they handle all aspects of your IT operations in-house or they will outsource it to other companies?

They should be available on-site if you are in need of on-site computer repair services or any IT operations that are not possible to execute remotely.

03. Technical Expertise

MSP you choose should know the ins and outs of your IT requirements and operations. They should have a team of professional IT experts who can monitor your IT infrastructure and help you continue your business securely and smoothly.

Find out their technical strengths as well as weaknesses to determine if they are the right for your business.

04. Questions to ask any MSPs to qualify them

Here are some of the quick questions to ask them which will help you determine if they are the right fit for you:

  • Do You have an in-house IT Support team, or Do you outsource it?
  • Do you have a dedicated team for support?
  • What is your procedure/approach for handling internal tech requests?
  • What happens if my IT infrastructure goes down?
  • How will you maintain and improve our IT security in the long run?
  • How will your IT services help the growth of my business?
    Do not hesitate to ask them as many questions as you have. More questions to ask your MSP.

05. Helps your plan the budget for just that IT services you require:

All MSPs should tailor custom IT solutions as per your IT requirements and budget. There should not be any hidden/extra costs down the line. The right MSP will offer you a customized Managed Service Package based on a fixed monthly charge as per your IT infrastructure and needs.

Bonus Tips:

Business continuity and Disaster recovery plan

The right MSP will ensure that your business will run smoothly under any circumstances. They will have both onsite and Cloud backups for data to ensure maximum uptime of your IT infrastructure and network.

Always ensure that the MSP you choose is insured properly, so you can be certain that if they make any mistakes on their part, you will be compensated.

What services does a Managed Service Provider offer?

MSPs provide a wide range of IT solutions as services tailored to solve your business problems and help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the services that a Managed IT Service Provider might offer:

  • Managed IT services
  • Managed IT support
  • Network Setup and Maintenance
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Onsite Computer Repair Services
  • Web Services
  • Regular Software updates
  • VOIP services
  • IT security and more.

The sole purpose of the Managed service provider is to help in your day to day IT operations so that you can focus on your business and customers.

Pros of investing in a Managed Service Provider

MSPs will help to execute your IT operations in an effective and efficient manner without costing you a lot of money. This way you won’t have to keep relying on your tech guy/employee to look after your IT needs. With all the required technology in the hands of IT experts, you will get a lot of extra time to focus on your business growth and scaling.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Free from technology-related risks
  • Improved IT security
  • Efficient management of network
  • Hassle-free software updates
  • Advanced business reporting and updates
  • Improved compliance of regulations
  • Easy to adapt to new technologies

Why keep looking for the best IT solutions? This is the best time to take action. Talk to one of our IT experts at Fridell solutions and discuss your IT needs and we will come with an affordable solution that best suits your requirements.


Finding the right Managed Service provider to partner with is a tedious process. Ask them the right questions and if you get an answer to all of your questions and it fits in your budget, go ahead and partner with them.

If you are looking for a Managed IT service provider in San Diego, Contact Us to get a free consultation call with one of our IT experts. And let’s discuss how we can help you manage your IT infrastructure effectively and help you grow your business.

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Author: Justin Fridell

Justin Fridell is the Founder of Fridell Technical Solutions. He loves to write helpful guides/articles to help business owners and homeowners deal with their IT needs.

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