Why your Company could be at risk without Managed IT services

Company could be at risk without Managed IT services

Last Updated: August 25, 2021

IT systems, IT assets and IT services comprise the operational heart of most organizations. No business can function well in today’s world without a well-balanced IT systems framework. With growing demands to keep up with the challenges of both the market and competitors, burdening the in-house IT team for every little IT requirement is primitive. Internal IT services aren’t always enough to match the requirements and adding expectations and responsibilities to existing employees will just split their focus and result in diminishing their productivity.

Managed IT services’ simply refers to the outsourcing of responsibilities, business administration, maintenance, and improving processes, functions, and services. While most people might still be highly skeptical about outsourcing IT support, having a proactive IT systems framework through managed IT services has become a norm for a well-rounded organization.

Why does your company need Managed IT Services?

Surely the people you’ve hired are capable of adapting to changes and upgrades in technology and keep up with the market trends, right? Why not hire a specialized IT team instead of proactively dealing with risks, threats, maintenance, and monitoring? Not only does it excessively hurt the company’s budget, everyone has their own specialties. For some requirements, your team might be the alphas but there’s nothing more dynamic than the modern IT world. You’ll need to train and educate the team for every new scenario and while it isn’t an impossible thing to do, it will surely require a lot of additional time and effort which could have been put to better use.

Now imagine a much better solution that can comprehend all these requirements and more. Hiring third-party services that offer advanced IT solutions have a solid backup and recovery, include a team who can be reliable and adaptable, and offer round-the-clock support, will greatly benefit the organization. In order to minimize risks, optimize business processes and ultimately enhance the company’s performance, outsourcing for managed IT services is clearly the optimum alternative.

Risks of not having Managed IT Solutions

Despite the greater benefits and reduced operational overhead, let’s say that your company still opts to use the in-house team and avoid outside intervention. It may seem like the company’s expenses are being spared and integrity being protected but on the contrary, this hampers business processes and exposes the organization to different threats and nuisance. Let’s explore some of the obvious risks that your company might likely have to deal with by side-stepping managed IT services.

Increased Expenses:

Contrary to the initial motive, by avoiding managed IT services, businesses will end up incurring more expenditure than when they do opt for dedicated services. Hiring specialized IT personnel for every specialized can be greatly expensive. Not to mention, the delay in business processes because the in-house team is too busy with trying to find innovative solutions to newer requirements while managing everything else, ultimately costs the business itself.

Network Security and Data recovery:

Business organizations have to deal with a ton of security risks and threats that only seem to become more notorious and challenging every time. Protecting data and integrity is difficult as it is and in case of any disaster, there’s the added responsibility of a full recovery in the least amount of time. Your in-house IT team might not always be the experts in dealing with such situations and neither will they have the time and resources to solve these issues right away or at least as quickly as needed. Without managed IT services, there isn’t always enough manpower to monitor the system regularly and have implement recovery plans during disasters.

Burdened Employees:

A specialized workforce can free up the time of your in-house employees since they are less burdened by complicated and overwhelming IT issues every day. Managed IT service providers can effectively take over special requirements as well as the everyday tasks of monitoring, updating, and innovating altogether. This allows the company’s own employees to be more focused on the ongoing projects. Not only that, even the management can take a breather not having to look into too many tasks and processes and managing the workforce to handle much of the business operations. However, if the organization is keen on letting their own employees be responsible for every minor to major requirement, employees will quickly start feeling overexploited. This will result in the employees having lesser and lesser dedication or motivation towards completing the massive list of responsibilities leading to the slow but inevitable downfall of the company.

Reduced Productivity from Legacy Technologies:

One major advantage of having third-party service providers handle the IT requirements is how they’re always up-to-date with all the latest technologies. Managed IT services allow the company to have their projects handled using the most modern and state-of-the-art solutions enhancing the company’s efficiency. Without that, the responsibility of being updated about the technologies used for business processes falls to the company’s personnel, which of course isn’t always guaranteed. As a result, the company might still be using legacy technologies that were outdated a long while ago for its operations. Not only does it increase the time and effort required, but the efficiency at which the processes could have been completed is also utterly downgraded.

The advantages of having Managed IT services should be more than apparent having explored the pitfalls of its absence. Not only for large multinational companies but these risks and problems can also equally haunt small and medium businesses as well. The solution, however, couldn’t be less complicated. Focus on your business processes, operations, and objectives while the professionals handle all the IT-related obstacles. Give us a call or contact us and leave the burden to our highly specialized team. We understand that businesses have their very own requirements and expectations which is why our customized solutions should suffice your needs in the best way possible.

Author: Justin Fridell

Justin Fridell is the Founder of Fridell Technical Solutions. He loves to write helpful guides/articles to help business owners and homeowners deal with their IT needs.

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