7 IT Related tasks small businesses should outsource

IT Related tasks small businesses should outsource

Last Updated: March 2, 2021

In today’s world, industries constantly have a compulsion to cope with growing technical advancements as well as customer requirements. Instead of hiring new personnel or relying on training in-house employees, a better business practice for industries and a modern global trend is to outsource the services and job functions to third-party service providers. There are several IT tasks small businesses can outsource.

Businesses with day-to-day IT operations are actively involved when it comes to outsourcing their business tasks. They seek strategic partnerships with IT outsourcing providers for packaged software implementation, application development as well as testing and quality assessment services, maintenance of legacy systems, and other digital automation and cognitive functions. As a result, the practice of outsourcing day-to-day business operations is increasing exponentially.

When it comes to small businesses, outsourcing can prove to be an excellent cost-cutting strategy to entrust major technical necessities to specialized firms. Shifting the burden of many technical and IT-related requirements can allow startups to dedicate their limited resources and manpower towards the core business needs. 

Following are some of the strategies, technologies and dynamic customer demands that startups and small businesses are better off outsourcing.

Application Development

Business application development is a tedious task for companies from planning, customization, testing, and maintenance. Creating applications that appropriately meet the demands requires a highly skilled workforce including developers, software engineers, and project managers. 

Since high-end quality app developers are limited in supply, hiring them isn’t financially feasible. Companies usually do not have an in-house workforce who can accomplish such high-demand tasks so it is always a good idea to hand them off to dedicated third-party IT service providers. 

Cyber Security

As most business applications rely on some form of internet-based communications and shared networks infrastructure, there is a regular flow of sensitive, critical and confidential data to and from the organization. 

It is absolutely crucial to maintain rigid security frameworks to protect the company’s integrity. Network security is a dynamic requirement and IT personnel cannot always fulfill the roles of a cybersecurity expert.  

Even smaller businesses can have considerable security threats that are too complex and critical for IT staff members to handle. 

Third-party cybersecurity service providers can anticipate intrusions, prevent attacks and resolve security issues in a much more effective manner.

business computer security

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is the most sought-after hosting solution that serves as a strategic platform for companies to expand their services for easy and reliable accessibility. 

In-house hosting of cloud services requires regular updates to stay up to date and can be an additional expenditure and work burden for the employees. 

Small businesses can, however, greatly benefit by transferring the risks, responsibilities, and maintenance of cloud hosting by outsourcing them to third-party Managed service providers instead. 

Generally, cloud hosting is provided on a subscription basis service and businesses with limited finance can opt for on-demand network access and cloud-based resources.

Quality Assurance Testing

Having an outside opinion on the products and applications greatly enhances the much-required technical aesthetics. In order to meet the quality standards, a lot of time and effort must be given to test, deploy and maintain each and every aspect of the products. 

Similarly, forecasting and designing enough test cases to thoroughly confirm that the application meets the quality demands is vital and should be handled by experts. 

Dedicated third-party contractors can monitor and test the applications for performance and security bugs thus taking the load off of employees to focus on the core tasks that they are assigned.


Business organizations however large or small require some forms of data centers to manage databases and operations. The construction, design, and regular maintenance of data centers is a mammoth task in the long run as it requires a lot of budget and expertise. 

Infrastructure service providers can be responsible for the hardware, operation, and troubleshooting, and updates of data centers, and thus businesses can save a lot of expenditure and manual labor by outsourcing them. 

Outsourcing infrastructure services can provide a range of services like server support, the supply of hardware and operating systems, server alert monitoring, and performance monitoring.

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Now that the world has taken up digital marketing for almost every industry possible, E-commerce is definitely the next big thing in the business world.

Especially for small businesses, the best way to increase market reach is through e-commerce. However, there are many things to consider when upgrading business into the digital world. From website design and maintenance to payment gateways, authentication, and of course the security aspects, many challenges are to be conquered for the business to flourish. 

These days, there is a range of IT service providers who expertise in digital services and can implement and provide e-commerce solutions at reasonable costs than attempting to handle things at the company’s end.

Customer Relationship Management

Finally, another IT-related service that small businesses are better off outsourcing is maintaining customer relationship management services. 

It can either be a software or an online hosted application with a web interface. However maintaining customer profiles, their services and their interactions with the organizations can be fairly complicated. 

In time, the customer database can grow exponentially large and complex. In order to provide quality services regarding CRM activities and the rising costs associated with them, it is always preferable for businesses with limited finance to outsource these services to reliable MSPs.

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