How to effortlessly enhance your Video Conferencing Security?

Video conferencing security

Last Updated: June 20, 2020

Video conferencing is becoming more popular than ever. Many businesses and people are practicing social distancing and working from home because of COVID-19. Whether it’s attending your regular meeting with clients or talking to your family and friends, you should consider enhancing your Video Conferencing Security.

Almost all companies and businesses are looking for new ways to find more clients and interact with them. For higher productivity and effective interaction with employees, video collaboration is taking over the traditional face to face meeting.

The 5 Best Video Conferencing Security tips

As a business owner, it is really important to ensure that your video conferencing solutions are secure. We will be discussing:

  • BYOD policy
  • Upgrade to modern Video systems
  • Implement staff training
  • Secure the Networks and Devices
  • Management of Password
  • Use of VPN

Tell your employees to use their own devices (BYOD policy: Bring-Your-Own-Device)

By allowing employees to use their own devices for work and video collaborations, it can significantly increase their productivity. While there are some security considerations that you should take into account as an organization manager.

The policy should include heightened security measures to prevent the risk from unsecured networks. You can provide training to the employees to ensure their compliance with the BYOD policy and results of improper use.

Upgrade to modern Video systems

Many old video conferencing systems do not support the end to end encryption, so there is a greater risk to your sensitive data. Most of the modern systems like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meet supports encryption. Encryption of the video streams solves the problem of unauthorized access to the data network and sensitive information.

Implement staff training

Many companies do not provide sufficient training to their employees when it comes to video conferencing and meetings. This may result in threats to the company’s security due to the lack of awareness on necessary security measures to be taken for video conferencing.

Many employees who have less knowledge of setting up things and updates on the computer, it can be really hard for them to set up video systems.

This is the part where Fridell Solutions can help you. Let’s discuss how we can help you set up a remote workspace for your employees. Learn more about our services.

Secure the Networks and Devices

Companies need to be assured that their video conferencing system is safe from security breaches while using external networks and transmitting sensitive information.

52% of smartphone users reported accessing unsecured WIFI networks via their devices. – CISCO

It is really important to make sure that the devices that are being used to access corporate networks are safe. Also, the devices that your employees use should be free from malware, spam, or any program that can compromise the corporate data. So always ensure that the devices accessing the corporate network can be identified and allowed access on if they meet the organization’s policy.

Management of Password

Create a unique meeting ID for each Video meeting and add a password for the meeting. This adds a layer of protection, especially for critical meetings. Also, make sure that users of your video collaboration system using their own devices, clearly understand their security responsibilities. The security policy should provide guidelines for the employees using their personal devices and consequences for improper use.

Use of VPN

Working on personal home devices, networks, and firewalls, there is always a threat to data. Setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will encrypt the online activities and ensures that the data transmitted over the WIFI connection is secure.
Always choose a paid VPN service over the free ones. Paid VPN service offers better bandwidth and device compatibility.

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For remote work setup and meeting solutions, you can partner with Fridell Solutions. We will assist you with all necessary set up, execution, and security for your preferred conferencing applications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Author: Justin Fridell

Justin Fridell is the Founder of Fridell Technical Solutions. He loves to write helpful guides/articles to help business owners and homeowners deal with their IT needs.

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