Our Services

Fridell Technical Solutions provides the upmost professional service to meet your technical needs.  As a family-owned and operated business, we provide high-quality service at an affordable price. We service throughout all of North County, San Diego County, and Temecula.

Fridell Technical Solutions provides the best professional service for all of your technical needs. We offer a wide range of quality services at an affordable price. Whether for your home, business or other situation we are always up to the task and ready to assist you.

We offer our professional services to clients throughout all of North County, San Diego County and Temecula. Our technicians are experienced and trained to perform in-home support, home network setup, computer troubleshooting and virus and spyware removal. Viruses and spyware for example are a regular inconvenience for the inexperienced computer users and for the experienced computer uses as well. So, if a problem such as this appears you do not have to worry. The technicians of Fridell Technical Solutions will come to your home and resolve the issue. We will do our best and take care of your data too.

Owners of businesses can also rely on our professional services. Fridell Technical Solutions offer you virtual private networks, cloud computing, network design and server management. Just by using a virtual private network your business will run more smoothly and you will forget about many communication problems between your employees you might have had in the past. The other business computer services will also improve the security of your data, the reliability of your computers and the efficiency of you business.

Other technical services we can provide you with are network wiring, audio installation, and voice over IP systems and surveillance systems. The services of Fridell Technical Solutions are the complete package for your home and for you business as well. By dialing one number you will have completed the entire organization process of setting up computers, installation, wiring and all the other services you may need. This way you will not have to worry about the quality of the services. We guarantee that our well trained technicians will perform their task professionally and according to the clients’ requests.

Our team is also available for the maintenance of the equipment installed and for instructions on its use. We would gladly give our clients advice on the best choice of equipment and the proper way to use it.